Improving the security and safety of world renowned venues – the case of the Royal Albert Hall - 4 Feb 2013

The Royal Albert Hall is an instantly recognisable world famous venue. Unfortunately, in the current climate, that also means it has to be protected from any potential terrorist attacks. Key to this is increasing the glazing’s resistance of the venue’s 188 windows to explosions, which is why the Hall has installed specialist safety and security window film, which affords protection to all of the venue’s internal and external glass.

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The Royal Albert Hall was originally installed with protective window film twelve years ago, for bomb blast purposes at the time of the IRA’s bombing campaign in London. In 2010, the Hall took the decision to remove all existing film from their external windows and replace it with state-of-the-art 175 micron film to meet UK Home Office specifications for bomb blast protection, as well as replacing all the old film on the internal glass to meet Health and Safety Executive duty of care requirements.

Most injuries from a bomb blast are caused by the flying shards of glass, which is something that safety and security window film can quite easily reduce. The film holds the glass together reducing the risk of damage or injury from shattered glass.
The installation of the film onto the Hall’s 188 windows was schedued around performances and meetings to ensure that it did not prove disruptive in any way. The films have a ten year warranty, and are tested at the end of that period to see if renewal is necessary.

As well as delivering the promised safety and security benefits, the ease of installation, low maintenance and long lifetime of the installed window films has impressed. Amanda Squires, the Royal Albert Hall’s Operations Director, remarked that:
"It’s certainly lived up to its expectations, and the installation and ongoing maintenance have been very good. It means we don’t have to worry about it for the next ten years. We’re very satisfied with the product, and very satisfied with the service we had from the installation contractors. We’ve had no issues at all".

The Royal Albert Hall provides a great example of how specialised window film can give safety and security benefits without impacting on user experience.
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